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As our manufacturing facilities gear up for full production with the Express series, we are able to offer more products including

  • Amphibious projects, (high temperature molds for 4, 2 and single seat are complete and we are progressing with bringing these to market.

  • Nomad prone trikes, (single and two place trainer are proven and very safe options for hang gliders)

  • Bullet single seat trikes,

  • Bullet twin seat trikes, (tandem and bench seat)

  • Shark supine trike, (soaring trike )

  • King trike kits , (low cost self build)

  • Chrysalis paragliding pod ( the original paragliding pod)

  • Voyager hang glider (featuring cantilevered wing spars by internal deflexors)

  • Airbikes. (pedal assisted harnesses for hang gliders and paragliders)

FlexTek Aircraft
FlexTek Aircraft
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