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Express Series Quick Folding Flexwings


Express 22 meter twin seat tug

Experimental category, the E22 is designed for high load and slow cruising flight and perfect as a tug and utility wing

Express 17 meter twin seat cruise

Experimental category, the perfect all rounder, the E17 can be used as a tug and touring wing

Express 15 meter twin seat racer

Experimental category the E15 is our hotship high speed racer

Express 17s meter single seat

ssdr/part 103, the E17s is designed for the heavier pilot looking easy landing speeds and precise handling

Express 15s meter single seat

ssdr/ part 103 the E15s is the perfect wing for most nano trikes

Express 12s meter single seat

ssdr/ part 103, the E12 is our single seat high speed cruising machine

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