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The Express Instant Folding Wing Series by Flextek


Patented Quick Wing Folding System

Patent applied for Wing Support Gate

Patent applied for Diagonal Wing Strut Oars

Patent applied for Trailing Edge and Cross Tube Closing System

Patent applied for Hinging Wing Restraining Arms


The inboard battens are set free to run generally parallel with the rest of the airframe as it closes.

These battens are locked in position through guides when the wing is opened.

Cams on the central washout rods hold the trailing edge up as the wing closes.

The folded wing is internally supported, and can withstand gale force cross winds.

Keel mounted Restraining arms hold the diagonal wing struts clear of the spinning propeller allowing continuous ground operation.

Extensions of the diagonal wing struts are used to pull the wing apart .

And cross tube and trailing edge anchored ropes are pulled to close the wing.

Once the protective protective coverings are removed

Express wings by Flextek are always flight ready.

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